The Bragg Fam

The Bragg Fam

Monday, July 11, 2011

St. George or Bust!

OK, so I have been a terrible blogger, but I hope to do better with this blog. Here are some highlights of my Mormon Moms gone wild trip. My good friend Mindy and I took a weekend trip to St. George to visit with our good friend Hillary and her hubby Brandon, who recently moved there. We had a blast shopping, eating, seeing the sites, eating, visting Zions, eating, and more shopping. Hope to do this again soon. Miss you Hillary, life just isn't the same without you here.

there were polygamy families everywhere, do we fit in?

At a Waterfall in Zions

On the hike in Zions! My two partners in crime. I love these ladies.

This was a polygamy family we saw at Zions. I was facinated by it, so we took pictures. You can only see the one wife here, but there were 2 wives and the husband looked soooo young. There were about 6-7 kids all redheads.

At Tuacahn! No shows this day, but I would love to come back to see one.

And of course we had to stop for cupcakes!

Friday, August 6, 2010

My good friend Mindy took these beautiful pictures of Tyson for me. He was about 4 weeks old at the time. I love these. thanks so much Mindy!

In July, Skyler had the opportunity to attend USU's music camp. she had the best time, and they did a great performance at the end of the week. Below are the video's from the performance.
Jackson and Tyson enjoyed the performance with Woody.

Skyler with her music teacher and our neighbor Connor who was in her class.

We were so blessed to have Skyler born on our Anniversary, so we get to have a birthday party every year for our anniversary! Happy Birthday Skyler, I can't beleive we've survived you these 8 years!
From Skyler's birthday party. She wanted to do a cousins birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese and then swimming at Grandma Judy's. So we did the Chuck-E-Cheese party with the Merrill cousins and went to the Byington family reunion the next day in Saratoga Springs.
Tate with his cake!
Skyler, Tayven, Tate, & Jackson


Aaron & Skyler

Jackson & Haylie

Skyler loves Harry Potter, and we have been reading the books togther, so she got a Hermonie cake! Happy 8 Skyler.
Grandma and Grandpa Weindorff

Grandpa Fred, Uncle Jeric, Tayven, Mason, & Kyli

Skyler and Jackson love it when I get new shoes. These are my 5 1/2 inch heels.
He's so pretty!

Jackson Superhero! Don't know what his powers are, but at least he drinks lots of milk!

Me and my good friend Brooke who now lives in Nebraska. I miss her so much, but it was so good to see her again this summer. Us with our babies. She had these twin boys 4 weeks after I had Tyson.
From a Harry Potter birthday party in our neighborhood. I wanted Jackson to go as Draco Malfoy with his blonde hair, but he loves Harry and had to be Harry.
Skyler and Jackson at the Harry Potter party!
Brothers! I love this photo. This was Tyson's first bike ride with me, so Jackson insisted he sit with him in the trailer. We do alot of bike rides in the summer.
Skyler and Jackson thought this was soooo funny!

Mr. Surfer boyTyson and his cousin Addison, 6 weeks younger than him.
Fun with cousins: Kyli, Skyler, Tate, Tayven, & Jackson
This is my Mr. Happy

My sister in-law Kristi with our babies, Addison and Tyson, 6 weeks apart.
Me and Tyson on his blessing day!

This is from Tyson's blessing day, he wasn't in a photogenic mood, so this was as good as I could get. April 2010

These are from the Children's museum in Ogden, March 2010:

Tyson was about 2 months old, and they wouldn't allow strollers, so we all carried him around the museum.

My and my posse' of friends.

Mr. Fireman

I just love these 2 kiddos!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happenings at the Bragg house! March 2010

He's going places! Tyson at 2 months!
My sweet new baby!

at the Scrapbook Expo with my good friends
Tiffany, Shalayne, Hillary, & Mindy!

This baby is so loved by Skyler and Jackson

My little beauty Queen!

Aaron & Skyler's skiing trip! She loved it, no fear, just started at the top of the mountain and cruised all the way down.


Super Hero Jackson!

This one was just cute!

If you know me, you know that Halloween is my favorite time of year!

Disneyland Trip Jan 2008